PhDChatUCC is an informal platform created by PhD students for PhD students within CACSSS, and offers an opportunity for students to meet in a relaxed environment and share their research/thoughts/tips/experiences/achievements/panic attacks/and a long list of etcs.

PhDChatUCC was born from the realisation amongst a few of us that despite working/studying in the same building (the labyrinth that is the ORB) we didn’t know of each other’s existence! Once we got chatting we quickly realised the benefits of meeting each other in a more informal environment – not only due to shared research interests that we could learn from, but also for striking up a friendly student community.

We know there are fantastic initiatives in UCC such as the Yearly Doctoral Showcase. PhDChatUCC builds on creating a relaxed atmosphere for PhD students within CACSSS to get to know one another a little better, and to share ideas – there is no competition and no pressure.